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Feed Me Jack were an Indie/Progressive Rock group from Santa Cruz, CA. The group was founded by members Sven Gamsky and Robert Ross, later introducing members Jake Thornton and Glenn Carson. Carson left the band in 2013 and Feed Me Jack was then comprised of members Sven Gamsky, Robert Ross, Jake Thornton, Eric Lawson, and Cameron Lampert. Throughout their 4-year career, Feed Me Jack have released a total of 1 LP, 2 EPs, and 1 cover album.


During Sven's freshman year at University of California Santa Cruz, as he was around the dorms he, "heard some beautiful guitar wafting down from up high. I just kind of followed my ears and found the room where the guitar was coming from...". The guitar in question was being played by Bob, whom, at the time, Sven did not know. After introducing himself, however, he showed Bob a song he had written. Bob recorded it, and wrote a bassline for it. This song later became Pirate Muse. Somewhere along the line, the band had picked up Jake, and "another friend", (presumably Glenn) for the band.¹

At Nikki's

FMJ playing their first recorded performance in June 2012.

Sven later stated in an interview that before Jake, the band was comprised of "[Glenn], and two guitar players" and that they used to run one of their guitars through a bass amp and used a sub-octave pedal to make it sound like a bass. Presumably they had achieved a bass before or around June of 2012, which would be the one Sven played at their first recorded performance at Nikki's on June 2nd, 2012 for an end of the year summer party, where they played "Radiohead Song". It would be uploaded on Bob's channel later that month with the title "Feed Me Jack"

The band would soon go on to release Chumpfrey, their debut album, on September 29th, 2012, featuring 11 songs updated overtime on their bandcamp. In 2013, they released their first EP, Anatolia, on October 25th. It boasted 6 songs and a more "competent" sound, where most tracks transition into each other. On June 1st, 2015, they released a 5 song cover album titled Covers. And finally, on January 14th, 2016, they released their 2nd and final EP, Ultra Ego. Featuring 5 of their most musically dense songs. Then on April 5th, 2016, the band revealed on their Facebook that they would no longer be making music together. Sven is currently working on music project Still Woozy, Bob is working on his solo project Bobbing, along with previous members, and Cameron and Eric are working on their band Red Two Six.